It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!

Find a trucker and thank them for their hard work as the nation celebrates Truck Driver Appreciation Week!

It’s the greatest time of the year again! This year’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is here!

From September 10th-16th, our nation takes a moment to recognize all of our truck driver’s dedication to keep everything moving forward. 

What Is National Truck Driver Week?

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is dedicated to the hard work of Truck Drivers all around the country. 

This country continuously relies on the transportation of goods and items by these drivers. They continuously work for days or weeks on end to make sure important deliveries are made when they’re needed, and we’re all very thankful for their work!

How Can You Participate?

Find a Trucker and show them they are appreciated! It’s as easy as that!

Whether you give them a gift, write them a letter, or just say thank you when you pass by them is enough to make their day! When you post on social media, use the hashtags #NTDAW23 and #ThankATrucker.

It’s important to always show Truckers how much they’re appreciated, not just for this week. They work hard to transport goods to keep businesses moving, and it’s important to understand and appreciate their dedication!

Thank you, Truck Drivers!

Everyone here at ExpressTruckTax would like to extend their sincere appreciation for all of the hard work our truck drivers do throughout the year!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to keep this great country moving forward! You are very much appreciated.


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