How ExpressTruckTax Helped Truckers in 2020

Highlights from last year

2020 was a wild year, but through it all the American trucker led the way in hauling our goods and keeping our shelves stocked. We want to thank you and let you know that we were working for you every step of the way. Here are just a few of the ways that ExpressTruckTax helped to support American truckers during 2020.


Out of the over 31 million businesses in America, only around 800,000 have a trademark. This legal designation helps American businesses identify their products and services and distinguish them from those of their competitors. We are excited to go into 2021 having officially secured the trademark for ExpressTruckTax!

Over the past ten years, we have had the good fortune to develop a distinctive history and reputation with our loyal following of American truckers. As such, we have become the market-leading Form 2290 e-filing solution. As we continue to add more features and tools, we would like our new and returning clients to be assured that they are getting the best quality software on the market at an affordable price.

Thankfully, our approved trademark for “ExpressTruckTax” will help us eliminate dishonest copycats who have been intentionally misleading American truckers by misrepresenting our brand. You can rest assured that we will always defend ourselves against infringements past and present. Thank you for your trust, and we will continue to fight to provide top quality service at an affordable price.


In 2020, truckers helped America and we wanted to give them a chance to beat the Form 2290 crowds of August and September by filing ahead of time. Prefiling also means that ExpressTruckTax clients have their forms processed first by the IRS, so they get their stamped Schedule 1 back fast.

So to help more truckers have peace of mind about their Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes (HVUT), we opened up prefiling earlier than ever. Starting in May of 2020, truckers could pre-file their 2020-21 Form 2290 and ExpressTruckTax sent them to the IRS as soon as they began processing 2290s on July 1.

We look forward to providing e-filing services early again this year. Be on the lookout this spring!


In a further effort to give back to truckers in 2020, we put in place our new ExpressGuarantee. This new feature guarantees that Form 2290s filed through our system will be accepted by the IRS and clients will receive their stamped Schedule 1 or their money back.

Our 100% US-based customer support team will also do everything they can (for free) to resolve IRS rejections. If they still cannot get your 2290 accepted, we will refund your service fee, no questions asked. Now there’s no reason not to file with us!


During peak 2290 season, in July and August of 2020, we published some of our most interesting statistics about truckers. While no personal information whatsoever was disclosed, the stats represented a snapshot of data among our thousands of clients. This information included most popular truck brands, cities and states with the largest number of HVUT e-filers, and much more. 

Check out ExpressStats now!

File your 2290 today

If you need to file your Form 2290, be sure to take advantage of our ExpressGuarantee and get your stamped Schedule 1 back quickly!

Pricing starts at just $9.90 for a single truck.