The Benefits of Filing Your Form 2290 With Our Mobile App

We've made it possible to file Form 2290 from anywhere!

ExpressTruckTax is in the business of making your life easier!

We know that truckers are out and about and always on the road. That means that you won’t always have the time to pull out a computer to file your Form 2290 and that’s why we’ve tried to make filing 10 times easier with our mobile app! 

Below we’ve listed 3 great benefits of downloading and using our mobile app! 

We’ve Simplified It For You 

After signing into the app your name will pop up and you’ll be asked if you’re ready to “Start Filing Form 2290”. Within this pop up you’ll also be given the four simple steps of filing your Form 2290! 

No Mistake is Unfixable

Did you enter your business information incorrectly? Don’t fret, the pencil icon is your friend! If you’ve misentered your business information, you can easily edit it and begin filing your Form 2290.

However, VIN Corrections must be completed through on your mobile device.

Inactive vs. Active 

For the CPA’s that file with us, we know you have multiple businesses that you file for. Within the app you can manage all of those various businesses and there is a divider between businesses that are active and inactive to make filing a lot simpler. 

Filing your Form 2290 doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming at all. Download the app today and file now! 

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