How To Avoid Form 2290 Penalties?

Don't get stuck with Form 2290 penalties this year

There is one big secret to avoiding IRS HVUT penalties on your Form 2290: filing on time. 

The 2020 Form 2290 is August 31, 2020. You need to file before midnight on August 31st to avoid 2290 penalties

What are the 2290 penalties?

If you miss the deadline, you will incur a penalty equal to 4.5% of the total tax amount you would have owed. Plus, for each additional month, you are late, you will incur another .5% in interest.

That might not sound like much, but don’t forget, failing to have a current stamped Schedule 1 will impact your other licenses. You need a current stamped Schedule 1 to stay up-to-date on most licenses. If you don’t file Form 2290, you could end up being grounded. And if you can’t drive, you can’t make money.

Access our helpful resource to know more about HVUT 2290 penalties.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about 2290 Penalties.

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