How to handle Missing or Incorrect W-2 Information?

ExpressTruckTax knows filing W-2c with TaxBandits is best

Alright trucking nation, the Form W-2 deadline is only a few days away on January 31. This means that not only do you need to file by the deadline, but you need to correctly file. In order to correctly file it’s important to include correct information as well as all of the information needed to complete your form.

If you find out that something is incorrect or missing from your W 2 Form then it’s up to you to correct it by the deadline! Luckily ExpressTruckTax’s sister product, TaxBandits, makes it easy to file Form W-2 and make W-2 corrections in a matter of minutes!

How to handle Missing or Incorrect W-2 Information?

First of all Form, W-2 is the annual statement you are required to file with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to report all of the compensation and wages offered to your trucking business employees that had social security, Medicare, and income taxes withheld.

You are also required to issue a copy of Form W-2 to each of your employees, as they need this information to complete their personal income tax returns. You must file for each employee who you offered wages of $600 or more to during the tax period.

TaxBandits makes it easy to file W-2 Online in a matter of minutes. Once you create your free account follow the interview style e-filing process that will help you complete your form and instantly transmit it to the SSA.

With TaxBandits innovative, time-saving e-filing features the entire process is extremely convenient. You can use the bulk upload feature to upload all of your data at once, and you can use the postal mailing feature to have them print and mail copies of your Form W-2 to each of your employees.

ExpresstruckTax man quickly fixed his W-2 with correction Form W-2c on TaxBandits

Form W-2c

If you see a mistake or that something is missing from your W-2 Form then you can easily correct it. The correction process is just as easy as e-filing your W-2 form. All you have to do is log in to your account and select correction Form W-2c.

In order to complete Form W-2c you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your employer details, including the name, EIN, address, employer coder, and employee type. 
  • Your employee details, such as their name, SSN, address, and contact information.
  • And the corrected wage and tax amounts. 

You will also need to issue copies of your corrected form to each of your trucking employees, but this task can be easily completed with our postal mailing feature. 

The IFTA Deadline Is Almost Here

Don’t forget about your 4th quarter IFTA return, which is due on January 31! Luckily, ExpressTruckTax’s other sister, ExpressIFTA will easily help you track all of the IFTA totals needed to complete your return. It’s incredibly fast and easy to import all of your IFTA information, because ExpressIFTA even accepts ELD data.

ExpressIFTA takes the time and hassle out of IFTA reporting by calculating all of your IFTA totals with 100% accuracy based on the information you enter. All of the totals will be listed in an easy to read IFTA report that can be downloaded, printed, emailed, and used to correctly complete your return.


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