How To: Retransmitting a Rejected Form 2290

Every now and then, a transmitted 2290 is rejected by the IRS. So thank goodness you e-filed with and know right away and why it was rejected. There are numerous reasons for rejection, but for our example we will be using the “Incorrect EIN/Business Name” to demonstrate how to re-transmit a rejected return at no cost. The re-transmission process is simple…

You took your time e-filing  Form 2290 and made sure to have the correct VIN and payment information. Then you receive an email notification stating that your 2290 has been rejected – oh no! Before you start to panic, we have included the reason for rejection (which is Incorrect EIN/Business Name for this scenario) and instructions to re-transmit your corrected return at no cost.

You will need to log into your account and you will see the return listed on your Dashboard Page. To view the error, select “Rejected by IRS”. Select “Fix Me” to the right of the listed error in the pop-up box. This will take you to your business information, where you notice your EIN is incorrect. All you will need to do is update the information, then go back to your Dashboard Page and select “Fix Errors.” Your return will come up and you can review the information one last time to make sure everything is correct, then simply select “Transmit Your Return.”

Once your re-transmitted return is accepted by the IRS, you will be sent a notification e-mail with your Stamped Schedule 1 attached. A copy of your Stamped Schedule 1 will be saved in your account, as well as, a complete copy of your 2290 if you ever need it. If you are on the road and need to have your Stamped Schedule 1 faxed to you, that option is available directly from your Dashboard Page. 

If you need a helping hand with anything regarding your 2290, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can contact our USA-based support team via phone: 704.234.6005 or 24/7 email support: