October Trucking Events: Big Engines, Even Bigger Prizes

Got a bad case of the #MondayBlues? We’ve got just the thing to whip you into shape for the week!
Nothing raises your spirits and helps you persevere through the work week like the promise of a fun weekend on the horizon! 
And with October just beginning, there’s plenty of fun ahead–especially for truckers & trucking enthusiasts!

Brace yourselves, it’s time to take a thrill ride through the biggest Trucking Events of October!

And the first up is… *drum roll*

LargeCarMag Southern Classic Truck Show

East coasters, head over to Lexington, VA, this weekend for this 5th annual, non-judged event. Saturday, October 11th, spring out of bed extra early to get to this event at 8am. It’s free for spectators! And bring the kids along too, there’s plenty of fun for all!

Watch hundreds of tricked out, glimmering heavy haulers parade through the streets. And if you get tired of looking at trucks (is that even possible??), you can always enjoy the live DJ, scrumptious fried foods, and hundreds of vendors. For the kids–or for the children inside us all!–there’s goody bags, temp tattoos, games, and a Moonbounce!

Got a gorgeous truck? If you’re eager to enter your Big Rig in the parade, be sure to get there Friday afternoon. The first 125 truckers on site get a free bag o’ swag!

PDI Dyno Event & Truck Show

Also free for spectators, this event is a must if you love feeling the earth tremble from serious horsepower. October 17-18, head over to St. George, Utah, for this fourth annual Customer Appreciation Truck Show, hosted by Performance Diesel, Inc!

If you’ve got a shiny big rig and want to show her off, get there Thursday afternoon or early Friday to join the Truck Beauty Contest, judged by Overdrive. Cash & trophies will be awarded in multiple categories! And Spectators, be sure to arrive by Friday night for the light show at dusk! Plus, both day’s events are totally free for onlookers, and they throw in a free catered lunch!

On Saturday, get ready to show off what’s under the hood. Watch semi’s rev their engines to the limit on the dynamometer, “dyno” for short, to see who’s got the most horsepower & torque. You can brag to your buddies all you want, but if you enter this competition, you’ll have the stats to prove once and for all that she’s the most beastly demon on the road!

Thanks, Science!

75th Anniversary All-Peterbilt Truck Show

And this month, nay, this YEAR of trucking events wouldn’t be complete without this last one. Peterbilt fans, start your pilgrimage to Stockton, CA, now for this three-day event. October 24-26th marks the grand finale of Peterbilt’s 75th Anniversary Tour around the nation!

I was lucky enough to see the Museum-on-Wheels on it’s trip through Charlotte, NC. See the pretty pictures here! If you have yet to see this awesome exhibit, catch it before it’s too late! Perfect for the whole family, the Peterbilt Museum will satisfy enthusiasts of all ages! It features interactive kiosks, full size cabs & sleeper cutaways (yes, you can play with all of the gadgets!), and a History Wall with a scrolling TV.

But this event promises much more than a museum tour! All the staples of a successful truck event will be present: music, food, plenty of Peterbilt Trucks, and a Show n’ Shine competition! Plus the very first Peterbilt truck ever will be on display: the 1939 Peterbilt S100 Fire Truck!

Best of all….wait for it….they’re auctioning off a 1976 Peterbilt 359! You could leave the event as the proud owner of a piece of Peterbilt history, and even if you don’t win the truck, it’s still a win-win. The proceeds from the raffle tickets benefit charities!

I’d love to tell you more about this event, but I’m so excited I need to start packing–immediately. See you in Cali!

Been to any good trucking events lately? Let’s swap stories and pics. The ExpressTruckTax team loves to brag about our customers’ rides. Send us a pic, show us the trophy you won, and we’ll post it for all the world to see!


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