Podcasts To Keep You Alert On The Road

Only listening to music while on the road can get overstimulating. You can easily switch up your listening style by choosing to go the podcast route. Podcast genres range from comedy, sports, drama, thought-provoking and so many others. Podcasts are a good source of entertainment for long hours on the road.

They can bring you daily news, teach you history, keep you laughing, or help you pick up on a second language. The list can go on. Over 21% of Americans listen to podcasts monthly. Join plenty of others in a twenty-first century alternative to fuzzy radio connections when traveling state to state.


Trucking Podcast – Created by a trucker for truckers. In efforts to be a resource for truckers and provide some great entertainment for long-haul road adventures, this podcast has developed to the mantra of ‘helping you make more money and rediscover the adventure.’

Trucker Dump Podcast – This podcast is the perfect mixture of information and humor. The Trucker dump Podcast will give you insight into the trucking industry, both good and bad from the standpoint of a pretty comedic trucker. You can find this podcast on Apple Podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, and even Stitcher.

BigRigBanter – If you are looking for laughs and a good source for trucking news, BigRigBanter is the podcast for you. Hear from two experienced journalists, as they interview some big names from the ruck industry. If you want education and entertainment you can find this podcast on Google Podcast, iTunes, and TuneIn.


PBS NewsHour – This podcast does a great job at covering news relating to politics, science, health, business, art, innovation and much more. Updates, in-depth reports and interviews all feature PBS’ senior correspondents

BBC Global News – The 25 to 30-minute podcast episodes featured on BBC Global News are produced twice daily on weekdays and once daily on weekends. This podcast is a great way to stay current on the world’s development. It is a one-stop-shop for all your global news. It addresses new policies, global scandals, political elections, natural disasters, trends, and anything else in between.


Freakonomics – This podcast is inspired by the best selling books Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J Dubner. If you want a fresh perspective on life and on the modern world this podcast will do the trick. The host shows how economics is the study of incentives: how people get what they want, or need, when others want or need the same thing.

No Such Thing As Fish – A podcast dedicated to fun facts discovered weekly. If you have a desire to learn semi-useless information this podcast is for you. The trivial and trivia topics discussed will humor you and intrigue you all within 40 minutes.


Stuff You Missed In History Class -With a comprehensive range of topics. podcast host; Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey bring all listeners a holistic approach to history and how the past affects the present.

Hardcore History – Part storyteller, part analysis, Dan Carlin masters the art of dissecting subjects and viewing them from various angles. He is quick to inject modern debates in his history lessons in an original way.


First Take – Stephen A. Smith and other known sports analysts discuss the top sports news, which often leads to heated debates. Breaking down the top 10 sports stories each day the hosts do a great job keeping listeners laughing, and informed.

Courtside with Katz & Coach G – Missed out on March Madness? Don’t sweat it. Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg give you an all-access pass inside the world of college basketball.

Give music a rest and opt-in to become a subscriber to one of these podcasts.

This may not be the same as having an intellectual conversation with another person, but it will be something different than the 10 songs that loop in your cab on a 5-hour haul.


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