Save Money And Protect Your Cargo With These Methods

Learn some ways to help secure your cargo on the road

It is reported that less than 20 percent of stolen cargo is ever recovered, making cargo theft one of the most expensive incidents that drivers face on the road. On average, it costs anywhere from $15 to $30 billion.

Crime and theft specialist, Scott Cornell notes that in recent years cargo thieves are becoming more likely to target mixed retail loads or less-than-truckload shipments because they are perceived as being less secure than larger truckloads.

Improving load security is easy if you understand how thieves choose their targets and the methods behind their madness. There are several cargo theft tactics including straight cargo theft and cyber-attack methods.

Types of Cargo Theft

Thieves are constantly updating their methods and, in the computer age, they have been forced to become smarter. Drivers need to be aware of every method that could be used against them.

Straight Cargo Theft

Straight cargo theft can happen anywhere cargo is left unattended. Truck stops, parking lots, and roadside parking areas are the most targeted. A great way to combat this tactic is investing in high-security rear door locks.

Strategic Cargo Theft

Strategic cargo theft is constantly evolving. This is typically defined as theft involving unconventional methods. Identity theft, fictitious pickups, forged documents, fraudulent carriers and brokering scams all fall in line with strategic cargo theft. Always do your research on your contacts and make sure everything matches up. Always confirm positive identification at pickups and drop-offs.

Other Effective Ways To Combat Cargo Theft

When it comes to protecting your fleet, it is best to develop a layered approach. With a layered approach, there are step-by-step methods and ‘in case’ tactics put into place if security technology happens to fail. Regular procedure training should be done to ensure that everyone understands the latest tactics theives are employing. 

Aware Drivers

Become aware of theft ‘hot spots’ on your route. By studying your route beforehand you can pick safe areas to stop along the way.



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