Signing Form 8453-EX Just Got a Little Easier

Hello, Trucking Nation! Per usual, ExpressTruckTax is here to help make the lives of our loyal and hard-working customers a little easier. For today’s topic, we want to focus on our trusty and fast e-sign feature, which eliminates long waits and any frustration.

To file the Excise Tax Declaration, or Form 8453-EX, the IRS requires both the taxpayer and tax practitioner to sign. When e-filing with ExpressTruckTax, all you need to do is click the link to email the electronic form to your client, and after they receive it, he/she can follow detailed instructions on how to complete the process on their end.

Once you get to the 8453-EX page, follow the steps below:

  • Click on “Step 2: Send the form to your client by one of the following means.” (See image.)
  • Once opened, click “Send for E-Sign” to email a link to our secure e-sign page. Your client will need to click the link, enter their EIN to access the form, and then follow the steps to finish the process. 
  • You will receive notification once your client has signed, and then it’s your turn. Just log back into your account, continue to the 8453-EX page, and click on the link to apply your signature. From there, you can click “Next” to move on to the final page and transmit the return to the IRS.

What Are The Benefits of the E-Sign Feature?

  • It’s safe and secure
  • Clients can e-sign in seconds
  • No more waits for faxes
  • Works from any device 

We hope these instructions are beneficial to you, but if you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can call our support team at 704.234.6005 or email us at

Remember, Trucking Nation, we’re here for you!


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