Tax Professional Perks: Available Payment Options & More!

It might be #TruckerTuesday, but today’s blog is for all of you Tax Professionals out there. With only a month left in this Form 2290 filing season, there’s no faster, simpler way to E-file for all of your clients than with ExpressTruckTax!

Tax professionals provide a valuable service for our dear Trucking Nation, so in turn, we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that managing your clients is convenient and hassle-free. To save time, our system allows you to store an unlimited number of businesses and EIN numbers within your account through a single login. Use our Bulk Upload option to import info for up to thousands of vehicles at once. No need for hours of data entry! All of your clients and their vehicles are organized and easily-accessed, ready to be E-filed at a moment’s notice!

And we aren’t just about accessibility–for affordability, we offer two convenient ways for you to pay: Pre-Paid packages & Pay-As-You-Go.

For the best pricing perks, our Pre-Paid packages are the clear winner!

  • Bundled Product Options: Purchase E-filing “credits” at a lower rate, however many you’d like! Customize your bundle by selecting credits for a single form, like Form 2290 Amendments, or create a package with any combination of forms you need. For example, you can bundle 500 Form 2290’s for a single truck, 1,000 Form 2290’s for 2-24 trucks, 300 Form 8849 for credits, and 200 unlimited E-filings. Each time you E-file, you’ll save time by skipping the payment page. When you run out of credits, come back and reload your account for the same low rate!
  • Unlimited Filing Package: You can also purchase unlimited filings per E.I.N for the tax year. This option particularly comes in handy if you deal with larger fleets that are continually purchasing/selling trucks throughout the tax year. This package is also tailor-made for your needs, so you can select which forms you’d like to have unlimited access to. For optimum flexibility (and savings!), choose unlimited access to all of our E-filing Forms!
Not sure what you may need this year? Use Pay-As-You-Go. We still sprinkle a bit of savings on top!

  • Pay-As-You-Go: Simply pay each time you E-file for a client. You’ll still receive exclusive pricing at a discounted rate for each return. 
To find out more about our pricing perks for Tax Professionals, contact an Account Manager and set up your exclusive pre-pay rate! Call 704.234.6005, live chat online, or get 24/7 email support at We may be based in Rock Hill, SC, but we can help in English, Spanish, and Russian!