The DOT Blitz 2018: Roadcheck Starts Today!

CVSA certified inspector checking a heavy Use vehicle

The Commerical Vehicles Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) 31st annual International Roadcheck starts today! This 72-hour inspection period will include trucks and buses across North America. This year’s focus will be on hours-of-service compliance since this is the first Roadcheck since the ELD mandate.

CVSA certified inspectors will perform full Level I inspections on heavy use vehicles during the DOT blitz 2018. You and your vehicle will undergo a thorough 37-point inspection. During this time you will be required to provide your motor carrier registration and commercial driver’s license.

All drivers on the road during the DOT blitz 2018 should be prepared with their AORBD or ELD for inspection. It is highly recommended that you also have troubleshooting guides on hand and at least eight days worth of blank paper logs just in case.

During Roadcheck 2017 15,000 vehicles and/or drivers were placed out-of-service. Be prepared and stay safe while driving during the DOT blitz 2018.

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