The Future of Truck Tech is Here, Trucking Nation!

Since the beginning of time, trucks and wind resistance have been mortal enemies. 
Maybe that’s why truckers and trucking companies alike have been developing new technology and new trucks to be able to combat this aerodynamic issue!

Minimizing wind resistance for trucks is becoming a very possible reality with the new technology being offered by AirTab, as well as TrailerTail. 
 Not to mention that Walmart and Mercedes are currently working on concept trucks that are not only built to minimize wind resistance, but also increase highway safety!

These new truck technologies will provide more savings and safety for truckers and everyone else on the road. But what exactly are the benefits of these new technologies?


Let’s begin with AirTab. AirTab is a small triangular, wishbone-like device you place on the end of your trailer and the end of your cab.

This tiny device provides better fuel economy without being bulky, and minimizes wind resistance to help stabilize the trailer and make for a smoother ride. According to their website, AirTab can also increase fuel economy by up to 5% simply by combating the effects of wind resistance.

AirTab benefits other drivers as well. Not only does it amp up the safety on heavy vehicles, it also minimizes the rain and snow blow back, providing more visibility for truckers and cars alike. AirTabs come in a variety of colors, and they provide a line for compact cars, small trucks, and SUVs.


The concept of TrailerTail is similar to that of AirTab. However, the TrailerTail takes a different approach to minimizing wind resistance. Instead of a small triangular device, TrailerTail provides a large square “tail” to place on the back of your trailer.

TrailerTail is incredibly easy to install and is very durable. It even makes opening the back of your truck easy because it folds as you open the back of the trailer, holding the doors open until you’ve unloaded.

In addition to durability, TrailerTail, much like AirTab, also increases fuel economy by up to 5%. TrailerTail is compliant with 2010 CARB regulations for trailer aerodynamics and is exempt from U.S. DOT length restrictions.

New Concept Trucks

Walmart and Mercedes have introduced new concept trucks with better aerodynamics. These trucks are like something out of a science fiction novel, but both companies are trying desperately to make these vehicles less of a concept and more of a reality.

With Walmart, their design aims to minimize wind resistance and provide a light-weight truck. Their new concept design is made exclusively with carbon fiber, which makes the design almost 4,000 pounds lighter. Not to mention, the overall design of the truck is mouth-watering.

Mercedes, on the other hand, has introduced a truck concept that will virtually drive itself (in addition to being more aerodynamic)! Their truck concept is all about keeping truckers and the roads they drive on safe.
The truck cannot completely drive itself, so it would still need a driver to remain in the cab in order to function, but it can work with the driver to allow them time to drink coffee, check messages, or use a business management program like TruckLogics.

No matter where the future of truck tech is heading, ExpressTruckTax will always be here to help you. Whether you’re E-filing in your current big rig or a futuristic giant from Walmart or Mercedes, we’ll be here to answer your questions and provide an excellent product, from the now into the future.

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