Throwback Thursday: The Iconic Trucker Hat

Trucking Nation, aren’t you happy today is the last day of Roadcheck. This week might have been a bit hectic, but get ready to smile like a crocodile for this edition of ExpressTruckTax ThrowBackThursday!

In our past throwbacks, you have traveled with me through some of the greatest eras in trucking history (linked below), and more time-travel TBTs are on there way. But for this week, I realized you might have been a little extra stressed with the Roadcheck and all, so were going to take a break and look at some iconic trucking culture – we’re throwing it back to the Trucker Hat.

The Trucker Hat (or mesh cap) came into trucking culture in the 1970’s. It is simple in design, with a faintly curved bill, about 6 total pieces, and a button on top. To keep the design as cost efficient as possible, the front section above the bill is made of foam instead of cotton, and the rest is a breathable plastic mesh. To achieve that classic trucker hat look, the foam front stands up straight and stiff, making it taller so those classic hairstyles wouldn’t go flat – I miss the Farrah Flip. 

These hats were referred to as “gimme caps” or feed cap” because they originated as promotional giveaways for feed and farming supply companies to hand out to farmers, truck drivers, or other rural workers. Some companies got really creative with their logos, and color schemes.

In the early 2000s, the mainstream popularity of trucker hats catapulted, and it became a huge trend. They were seen on celebrities, suburban youth, and even cartoon characters.  The trucker hat still has a place in mainstream trends for those people who want to express themselves with interesting catch phrases and logos. – Personally, I like to wear my grandfather’s vintage trucker hats from the 70s and 80s, they just remind me of a simpler time.

This classic hat will always be a part of trucking history, and that’s why it is this weeks topic for our ExpressTruckTax ThrowBackThursday! Be sure to come back for a visit, and don’t forget about e-filing your 2290 HVUT to get your Stamped Schedule 1 next month!

Keep the shiny side up, and stay safe out there,

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