What You Need To Know About CVSA Roadcheck 2021

Be prepared for this the 2021 CVSA roadcheck blitz in May

Every year, the CVSA dedicates 36 hours to an inspection blitz of commercial motor vehicles. In 2020, that CVSA roadcheck was delayed until September and was performed at a lower capacity than is typical. In 2021 however, the CVSA is back with its typical May 4-6 road inspection blitz.

Each year, in addition to performing comprehensive Type I (37 point inspections) the CVSA chooses additional areas of particular focus. Here’s what you need to know about the CVSA roadcheck 2021 taking place May 4-6, 2021.

Road Inspection 2021

This year the CVSA says they will primarily focus on curbing lighting and hours of service (HOS) violations during the roadcheck week. With the recent advent of ELDs and a year of decreased enforcement due to the pandemic, this move makes sense. But what about the focus on lighting violations? Well, according to Freightwaves, vehicles with “lamps inoperable” violations made up 12% of offenders.

How to Prepare for Roadcheck 2021

Even though lighting and HOS are the primary focus of the 2021 CVSA roadcheck, it is vital to prepare for comprehensive inspections. 

This roadcheck preparation process should start with a registration checkup. Make sure you have all your forms and registration up to date and the paperwork in your cab with you. This could include but is not limited to: IRP, IFTA, Form 2290, DOT#, MC#, BOC-3, UCR#, and more. Additionally, you should probably have any supporting documents. 

Next, you should start checking your ELDs and/or logs. Make sure you know how to quickly present this information and that your unit has been accurately tracking data.

Finally, you should start making sure every part of your vehicle meets compliance regulations. Here’s a list of everything the CVSA inspector will be checking. Another great tip from Freightwaves is to make sure you have spare light bulbs and fuses in case your lights have issues. 

File Form 2290 before Roadcheck 2021

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