12 Amazing Last-Minute Gifts for the Trucker in Your Life

With just 7 days left until Christmas, it’s time to frantically begin the annual tradition of last-minute gift shopping! 
Thankfully, online shopping with expedited shipping makes it possible to get great gifts just in time for St. Nick to nestle them under the tree! 

If you’ve been struggling to find the perfect gift for the trucker in your life, then look no further! 
The ExpressTruckTax Support Team has created a list of 12 gifts for truckers, and with prices ranging from $10 to $170 tops, you can snag some great gifts without breaking your piggy bank!
Best of all, you can conveniently order them all on Amazon! Let’s get shopping!

Stocking Stuffers

The age-old stocking stuffer staples like candy and gift cards are nice, but these cool little gadgets are both practical and fun, and definitely unexpected!

This nifty little appliance is not only cute (who doesn’t love coffee!), but it’s design allows it to conveniently fit into the cup holder, right next to your trucker or truckette! For $20 bucks, this little cup will charge phones, GPS, MP3 players, or any other small appliance. And for another $10, you can upgrade to the model with a USB charging port too.

Coming in around $80, these HaberVision polarized sunglasses could just as easily be a main gift. The Rolls Royce of glasses, these shades are durable, stylish, and polarized–perfect for reducing glare from the road or other cars!

3. Cupholder Swivel Tray

Who knew an entire meal could fit into a cup holder? Apparently, the designer of this tray did. Simply pop the base into the cupholder, and enjoy the swivel tray conveniently attached to the arm. Perfect for holding meals-on-the-go, or other essentials like phones, keys, and wallets. And amazingly, it’s only $13– Score!

Perfect for OTR truckers who have to haul their toiletries from shower-to-shower each day. This bag will hold clean towels and robes, along with toothbrushes, first-aid items, and anything else your trucking dude or dudette needs to stay so fresh and so clean. 
As a bonus gift, stock this puppy with some nice-smelling sudsy treats! 

Tech Gadgets

With gifts starting at $25, you don’t have to be loaded to get your tech-loving trucker a shiny new gadget.

Tablets are an invaluable gift for truckers, and can be used for both business and pleasure! Between streaming movies & TV, and Skyping with the family, your friend will never have a dull moment!
And on the business side, your trucker can conveniently use this tablet to manage their business and keep up with trip sheets using a program like TruckLogics, or they can even E-file their HVUT using the ExpressTruckTax app for iOS & Android! 
Oh, and did I mention that this tablet comes with FREE 4G for life? So they don’t even need a W-Fi connection to use it! Not bad for $150. Not bad at all…

6. Gaming Consoles

If your trucker has a TV, then this is the perfect gadget to accompany it! For $175, the XBox 360 will not only provide hours of gaming entertainment, but it will also double as a DVD player and as a way to stream YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu Plus. 

7. Linxup Vehicle Tracker

An incredibly practical and time-saving gift, sure to make your trucker smile at least 4 times a year! That’s because this $60 GPS/Mileage tracker will log mileage according to IFTA standards. And this data can then be uploaded into completed quarterly IFTA reports using a program like ExpressIFTA. Your trucker is sure to appreciate the convenience of not having to type up trip sheets manually!

8. Bluetooth Headset

For $25, this bluetooth headset pairs with the latest smartphones without a hitch, and with a noise cancelling microphone, you’ll be able to hear the voice of your beloved loud and clear! 10-4!

Home Sweet Home

Truckers have to sacrifice a lot while living on the road to bring us our creature comforts. The least we can do is make sure they have comforts of their own! Make the cab feel more like home with these four gifts!

9. Koolatron Compact Cooler 

When you have a cooler stocked with “real” food, your trucking bud will hopefully be less tempted to eat fast food. It may be a $110 investment, but look at this handy compact cooler as a gift of convenience, and a step toward increased wellness!

10. Electric Blanket

With anti-idling laws, temperature control in a truck can be a challenge. Keep your trucker or truckette nice and toasty this winter with a soft, flannel heated blanket! Quite the bargain at $25!

11. Gel Seat Cushion

Durable and portable, this gel cushion is sure to help alleviate the pesky back pain that truckers are accustomed to. Designed just for truckers, this cushion also has a non-skid bottom, so it’s sure to stay put when your trucker is bouncing down the highway.

12. RoadPro Appliances: Coffee Maker

What person doesn’t love a fresh, hot cup of coffee on demand? I sure do! This convenient little appliance from Roadpro is quite the deal for $20! It not only brews 2 cups of coffee fast, it also brews it straight into a stainless steel travel mug, so you can get to the caffeine quicker! Now if only it could brew directly into my mouth…


Our ExpressTruckTax Support Hero, Patti, is married to a trucker, Oscar. His favorite Christmas gift? A Magical Grab-Bag filled with everyday essentials. Whether it’s soap, pencils, loose change, dental floss, first-aid supplies, or even snacks, Oscar says this magic bag always has exactly the thing he’s looking for when he’s on the road and in a bind. 

Hung in a stocking or nestled beneath the tree, any one of these 12 (okay, 13) practical, thoughtful gifts is guaranteed to make a trucker smile with childlike glee. And they’ll never know you waited until the last minute either! Now what are you waiting for, start ordering those gifts!


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