Can I Transfer My Form 2290 To A New Truck?

Can you transfer a Form 2290 from one truck to another? Find out from Amber today!

Hey, it’s Amber with ExpressTruckTax, and today I’m going to answer a common question that we get here. Can I transfer my Form 2290 tax from one truck to the next truck? The answer is sometimes. Um, most of the time, yes, you can, uh, if you file the 2290 on Truck A in July and you get a new truck in September, you can file the tax from Truck A to Truck B, um, and it just kind of moves over depending on how you sell and purchase the vehicles.

The only time that there’s a question is if you’ve gone over 5,000 miles, and there are, you know, there are a lot of different stipulations. But for the most part, you can transfer your tax from Truck A to Truck B. There are three different reasons.

Number one, you get a new truck, so you sold a truck, you got a new truck, you move that tax over. If you destroy Truck A, you get a new truck, you can move that tax over. Um, if Truck A is stolen and you’ve paid the tax on that truck, you can move it to Truck B. So there are three different key reasons of why you would transfer the tax to a new truck.

But make sure you check with your accountant, your tax advisor, just to make sure before you’re doing this transaction. But the IRS does say that you can transfer your tax from Truck A to Truck B if it’s sold, destroyed, or stolen.

And of course, you can do that on ExpressTruckTax. Um, and then there’s also the option where let’s say you sell your truck and it’s the middle of the tax year, and you’re not getting a new truck, you can claim a credit on that sold vehicle. So again, if it’s not gone over 5,000 miles and you paid for the full tax year, you can file an 8849 for a sold vehicle.

And, um, the IRS will mail you a refund check for that unused tax. The same with stolen or destroyed vehicles, you can claim credits on those. Or if you’re getting a new truck, you can transfer that over to the new vehicle.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our support team. We’re here Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 5:30. Call 704-234-6005. You can find us at, or you can do live chat, which is right on our website.

So reach out if you do have further questions. And if you would like to see more helpful videos on specific topics, comment down below, and I’ll be happy to make them. Talk to you soon. Bye.


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