This Is It! The Form 2290 Deadline Is Here!

The 2020 Form 2290 deadline is today!

The 2020 Form 2290 deadline is today! There’s no more time to procrastinate.  Failing to file by midnight will mean serious IRS HVUT penalties and could even mean the suspension of your IRP registration.

If you fail to file, an additional 4.5% of your owed tax amount will be tacked on. And since an up-to-date stamped Schedule 1 is required for IRP registration, your IRP could be suspended if you wait too long.

Meet your 2290 Deadline with ExpressTruckTax

We make it possible for truckers to file Form 2290 on time. With ExpressTruckTax, you can file anytime and anywhere.

It takes less than 5 minutes to file with us, and we provide step-by-step instructions along the way.

Our returns are usually accepted by the IRS within minutes, meaning you will get the stamped Schedule 1 almost in minutes. By comparison, paper filing can take weeks.

And, with our ExpressGuarantee, you can be sure your 2290 will be accepted by the IRS, or we will refund your filing fee. Our 100% US-based customer support team will also do everything they can to fix any errors you might have. 

They are working extended hours until midnight tonight, so you can be sure to get your 2290 filed correctly. Call 803.234.6005 to have your questions answered in English or Spanish.

Pricing starts at just $9.90 for a single truck.

Form 2290: Last Minute Filing Guide

Don’t miss the deadline. File now!


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