#WellnessWednesday: Yoga for Truckers

When it comes to driving a truck, since you’re sitting in a vehicle most of the time, you can develop aches and pains.

There are a number of different ways to combat these chronic aches, but the best way is to regularly do yoga.

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy– just a few basic poses and some good, deep breaths to get a good stretch in and get that blood circulating. 

That alone can make a world of difference in your mobility and overall happiness. It actually works so well that we even do it here at ExpressTruckTax!

Here’s a few basic poses depicted by the ExpressTruckTax Support Legends!

Tree Pose


To perform a successful tree pose, you only have to do a few things. When you inhale, move your arms up and over your head, and then when you exhale move your arms down by your side. This is done to improve your balance and find your center.

And don’t forget to breathe! The breathing you do in yoga is important. It trains you to breathe properly, especially when doing exercise.

Swan Dive


From the tree pose you can go into the Swan Dive pose which is essentially tree with a slight modification. Instead of moving just your arms up and down, move your arms up on inhale and on exhale, move down bending at your back and knees, then though the ground.

Chair Pose


From Swan Dive you can go into Chair. With the Chair pose, instead of touching the ground in front of your feet, you just bend at your knees, and squat slightly while arching your back.

Cat Pose

Sir Charles

Cat is a floor pose. In order to perform the cat pose, you must be on all fours, back slightly arched with your face forward and arms slightly bent at the elbows.

Sonial Balance


From the Cat pose you can perform the Sonial Balance pose. This pose requires you to be on all fours and extend your right arm and then your left leg (or vice versa) while balancing on your other limbs and stretching your body.

Got some tips for how to stay healthy on the road? Or maybe you just want to share some highlights from your own wellness journey. Drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter! We love hearing from you, Trucking Nation!


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